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ACTFASTAdvanced Concepts and Technology Frequency Agile Solid-State TunerMilitary abbreviations
ACTFASTAEGIS COTS Technology Family Analysis and Selection ToolMilitary abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to actfast

  • ACT UP- AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power
  • ACTF- (U.S.) Army Constructive Training Federation
  • ASD(FMP)- (U.S.) Assistant Secretary of Defense (Force Management Policy)
  • ASD(PA)- (U.S.) Assistant Secretary of Defense (Public Affairs)
  • AGTP- Acid Guanidinium Thiocyanate Phenol
  • AGTTP- Afghan German Technical Training Programme
  • ACDP- Aids Community Demonstration Projects
  • ACTV- Advanced Compatible Television
  • ACCSDP- Army C&C System Development Plan
  • ACDB- ABCS (Army Battle Command System) Common DataBase
  • ACodP-1- Allied Codification Publication number 1