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ADAM Area Denial Artillery Munition military
ADAM Activities Designed Around Multimedia Educational abbreviations
ADAM Active Design and Analysis Modeling Electronics abbreviations
ADAM Advanced Digital Audio Matrix Electronics abbreviations
ADAM Affordable Desktop Application Manager computing abbreviations and acronyms
ADAM Air Defense Airspace Management Military abbreviations
ADAM Architecture Development Analysis Model Military abbreviations
ADAM Artillery Delivered Anti-Personnel Mine Military abbreviations
ADAM American Divorce Association for Men Non-Profit Organizations
ADAM Active Directory Application Mode software abbreviations and acronyms
ADAM Algorithm Development And Mining software abbreviations and acronyms
ADAM Academic Date Analysis and Management University abbreviations
ADAM Advanced Design And Modeling University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to adam

  • ADM - Air data module
  • ATM - Anti-tank mine
  • ATN - Dronning Maud Land (ISO 3166 trigram; merged with AQ in 1983)
  • ADEM - Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis
  • ADN - Andes Airport
  • Authen. - Authentica ("Authentic" e.g. letters)
  • AT NO - Atomic Number
  • ATOM - Ancient Teachings Of The Masters
  • ADNA - Atlanta Downtown Neighborhood Association