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ADAMS: MeaningCategory
ADAMSAir Defense Advanced Mobile System (US)military
ADAMSAir Delivery And Management SystemMilitary abbreviations
ADAMSAllied Deployment and Movement SystemMilitary abbreviations
ADAMSAutomated Dynamic Analysis of Mechanical Systemssoftware abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations similar to adams

  • ADDNS- Advanced Deployable Day/Night Simulation
  • ATMES- Air Traffic Management Electronic Eervices
  • ADANS- Air Mobility Command Deployment Analysis System
  • ADDO(MS)- Assistant Deputy Director for Operations (Military Support)
  • ADMAC- Air Defense Mission Area Concept
  • ADMC- Army Desktop & Mobile Computing
  • ADMC-1- Army Desktop & Mobile Computing-1 contract
  • ADMSG- Advice by Message
  • ATIMS- Airborne Tactical Information Management System
  • ATMAC- Air Traffic Management Automated Center
  • ATMCT- Air Terminal Movement Control Team
  • ATMHS- Automated Text Message Handling System
  • ADMS- Adirondack District Masters Swimming