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Add: Meaning Category
Add Addition optometric
ADD: Meaning Category
ADD Analog Digital Digital (CD quality)||Attention-Deficit Disorder||Administration on Developmental Disabilities Acronym
ADD Attention deficit disorder acronyms for diseases and disorders
ADD Bole International Airport [Addis Ababa, Ethiopia] IATA Airport Code
ADD Absence of Dad's Discipline Community abbreviations
ADD Additional Daddy Discipline Community abbreviations
ADD Adequate Discipline Deficiency Community abbreviations
ADD Adaptable, Determined, Dedicated Educational abbreviations
ADD Anti Discipline Disorder Educational abbreviations
ADD Arithmetic Developed Daily Educational abbreviations
ADD Arithmetic Done Daily Educational abbreviations
ADD Attention Deficit Disorder Educational abbreviations
ADD Apple Data Detectors computing abbreviations and acronyms
ADD Attribute Driven Design method computing abbreviations and acronyms
ADD Anti-Drone Defense Military abbreviations
ADD Armor Defeating Device Military abbreviations
ADD Advanced Dungeons and Dragons sports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to add

  • 101AD - 101st Airborne Division
  • 11AD - 11th Airborne Division
  • 13AD - 13th Airborne Division
  • 17AD - 17th Airborne Division
  • 2AD - 2nd Armored Division
  • 82AD - 82nd Airborne Division
  • 82ADA - 82nd Airborne Division Association
  • 82ADAI - 82nd Airborne Division Association, Inc.
  • A2ATD - Anti-Armor Advanced Technology Demonstrator
  • A99ID - Associates of the 99th Infantry Division
  • AAAD - An Army At Dawn
  • AAAT - Armand Arabian Advocacy Tournament
  • AAD - Armoured amphibious dozer
  • AADA - Advocates Against Domestic Abuse
  • AADD - Adult attention deficit disorder
  • AADE - American Association of Drilling Engineers
  • AADI - American Aerospace & Defense Industries
  • AADT - annual average daily traffic
  • AAED - Advanced Airborne Expendable Decoy
  • AAT - Australian Antarctic Territory