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ADSEither; Automatic Dependent Surveillance or air data systemavionics
ADSAlternative delivery systemhealthcare
ADSActive Denial System||Astrophysics Data System||Attention Deficit SyndromeAcronym
ADSAddison Airport[Dallas, Texas, United States]IATA Airport Code
ADS(catalog) Aitken Double Starsastronomy
ADS(organization) Astrophysics Data Service, an organization that maintains an online database of scientific articlesastronomy
ADSautomatic dependent surveillanceaerospace
ADSAmplifier Design ServiceElectronics abbreviations
ADSActive Directory Servicescomputing abbreviations and acronyms
ADSAlternate Data Streamscomputing abbreviations and acronyms
ADSAdaptive Diagnostics SystemMilitary abbreviations
ADSAdvanced Distributed SimulationMilitary abbreviations
ADSAdvanced Distribution SystemMilitary abbreviations
ADSAir Defense SectionMilitary abbreviations
ADSAir Defense SectorMilitary abbreviations
ADSAir Defense SystemsMilitary abbreviations
ADSAmphibian Discharge SiteMilitary abbreviations
ADSApplication Development SoftwareMilitary abbreviations
ADSArmy Defence StudiesMilitary abbreviations
ADSAssociated Document SheetMilitary abbreviations
ADSAttack Defend SupportMilitary abbreviations
ADSAutomated Data SystemMilitary abbreviations
ADSAutomatic Donation SystemNon-Profit Organizations
ADSAnalytic Data Setsoftware abbreviations and acronyms
ADSApplication Development Systemsoftware abbreviations and acronyms
ADSApplied Digital Solutionsoftware abbreviations and acronyms
ADSARM Developer Suitesoftware abbreviations and acronyms
ADSAutocad Development Systemsoftware abbreviations and acronyms
ADSAitken Double Starssports abbreviations
ADSAlmost Dry Suitsports abbreviations
ADSAutomatic Dice Serversports abbreviations
ADSAcademic Distribution ServicesUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to ads

  • ADC- Air data computer
  • ADS-A- Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Address
  • AIDS- Aircraft Integrated Data System
  • ATC- Air traffic control
  • ATCSS- Air traffic control signalling system
  • ATIS- Automated Terminal Information Service
  • ATSU- Air Traffic Services Unit
  • ADC-A- Assistant Division Commander
  • ATACS- Advanced tank cannon system (US)
  • ATAS- Automatic target acquisition system
  • ATG- Anti-tank gun
  • ATGW- Anti-tank guided weapon
  • ATK- Alliant Techsystems
  • ATS- Atelier de Construction de Tarbes
  • ATTC- All Terrain Tracked Carrier
  • ATTS- Air Transportable Towed System
  • AADS- Alaskan Air Defense Sector