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ADS-B: MeaningCategory
ADS-BAutomatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcastavionics

Abbreviations similar to adsb

  • ADC-B- Assistant Division Commander
  • AADGP- American Academy of Dental Group Practice
  • ADGB- Air Defence of Great Britain
  • Atisbo- a Local Government Area in Nigeria named for constituent communities (Ago-Are, Tede, Irawo, Sabe, Baasi, Ofiki and Owo)
  • ADCCP- Advanced Data Communications Control Procedures
  • ATZP- Awakening To Zero Point
  • ATSF- Alert Transport Service Facility
  • AADCP- Army Air Defense Command Post
  • ADCAP- ADvanced CAPability
  • ADCP- Air Defense Communications Platform
  • ADCSOPS- Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for OPerations
  • ADCSOPS(C-4)- Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans (Command, Control, Communications, and Computers)
  • ADSAF- Automatic Data System for the Army in the Field
  • ATCCB- ATCCS Configuration Control Board
  • AUTO-SEVOCOM- Automatic Secure Voice Communications (System)
  • ATCP- Ataxia- Telangiectasian Children's Project
  • ATCYF- Aid To Children, Youth, and Families