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Adv.: Meaning Category
Adv. Adventus ("Advent") ecclesiastical
adv.: Meaning Category
adv. adversus (Latin, "against") Acronym
ADV: Meaning Category
ADV Ed Daein Airport [Ed Daein, East Darfur, Sudan] IATA Airport Code
ADV German Airports Association aerospace
ADV American Dissident Voices Community abbreviations
ADV Authors Definitive Version media abbreviations and acronyms
ADV Advance Military abbreviations
ADV Advice Military abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to adv

  • 49ADHF - 49th Armored Division Historical Foundation
  • 82ADAEF - 82nd Airborne Division Association Educational Fund
  • AAATP - Australian Autoglazier Accreditation Training Program
  • AADP - Area Air Defense Plan
  • AATP - African American Theme Program
  • AATUF - All-African Trade Union Federation
  • ADAF - (astrophysics terminology) Advection Dominated Accretion Flow, a mechanism by which matter is slowly accreted onto a black hole
  • ADAP - AIDS Drug Assistance Program
  • ADB - African Development Bank
  • ADBA - American Drag Boat Association
  • ADBW - Abu Dhabi Business Women
  • ADEP - Awaiting Development with Exploration Potential, referring to an asset
  • ADF - Automatic direction finder
  • ADFA - Air Defense Functional Area
  • ADFE - Adaptive Decision Feedback Equalization
  • ADFO - Air Defense Force Operations
  • ADIAF - Assistance Dogs International Accredited Facility
  • ADIF - Association for the Defense of the International Humanitarian Fundamental Laws
  • ADIP - Another Day In Paradise (magazine)
  • ADP - Airman Development Plan