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Adv.: MeaningCategory
Adv.Adventus ("Advent")ecclesiastical
adv.: MeaningCategory
adv.adversus (Latin, "against")Acronym
ADV: MeaningCategory
ADVEd Daein Airport[Ed Daein, East Darfur, Sudan]IATA Airport Code
ADVGerman Airports Associationaerospace
ADVAmerican Dissident VoicesCommunity abbreviations
ADVAuthors Definitive Versionmedia abbreviations and acronyms
ADVAdvanceMilitary abbreviations
ADVAdviceMilitary abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to adv

  • ADF- Automatic direction finder
  • ATV- All-terrain vehicle
  • ADP- Airman Development Plan
  • ADPE- Automated Data Processing Equipment
  • AATUF- All-African Trade Union Federation
  • ADB- African Development Bank
  • ADAP- AIDS Drug Assistance Program
  • ADTB- Army Doctrine and Training Bulletin
  • ATAPI- Advanced Technology Attachment Packet Interface
  • ATB- Active Time Battle|| British Antarctic Territory (ISO 3166 trigram; merged with AQ in 1979)
  • ATF- French Southern Territories (ISO 3166 trigram)|| (U.S.) Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (from its previous name, which did not include "Explosives")
  • ATP- Adenosine TriPhosphate||Allied Tactical Publication||Ammunition Transfer Point
  • ADEP- Awaiting Development with Exploration Potential, referring to an asset