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AER: Meaning Category
AER Adler-Sochi International Airport [Sochi, Krasnodar, Russia] IATA Airport Code
AER The American Economic Review media abbreviations and acronyms
AER Army Emergency Relief Military abbreviations
AER Association for Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired Non-Profit Organizations
AER Association for Education Rehabilitation Non-Profit Organizations

Abbreviations similar to aer

  • AIIR - Airborne infection isolation room
  • AAR - After Action Review
  • AR - Assault rifle
  • ARE - Atelier de Construction Roanne
  • ARI - Alcohol Related Incident
  • ARA - American Rheumatological Association
  • AIR - Aircraft Inventory Record
  • AOR - Area of Responsibility
  • ARH - Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter