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AFCENT: MeaningCategory
AFCENTAir Forces CentralAirforce
AFCENTAllied Forces Central EuropeMilitary abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to afcent

  • APCNR- Armour-piercing composite non-rigid
  • APGM- Autonomous precision-guided munition
  • AFCM- Master Chief Aircraft Maintenanceman
  • AFSCN- U.S. Air Force Satellite Control Network
  • AFKN- American Forces Korea Network
  • ABCMP- Army Battle Command Master Plan
  • AFCON- Air Force Controlled Unit
  • AFEKMS- Air Force Electronic Key Management System
  • AFJMAN- Air Force Joint MANual
  • AFKMS- Air Force Key Management System
  • AFSM- Artillery Force Simulation Model
  • APICM- Anti- Personnel Improved Conventional Munition
  • APPGM- Army Preliminary Programming Guidance Memorandum
  • AVSCOM- Aviation Security Command
  • AFJN- Africa Faith and Justice Network