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AFCESA: Meaning Category
AFCESA Air Force Civil Engineer Support Agency Airforce
AFCESA Air Force Civil Engineer Support Activity Military abbreviations
AFCESA Air Force Civil Engineering Support Agency Military abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to afcesa

  • ABACUS - Air Battle Analysis Center Utility System
  • AFCAC - Air Force Computer Acquisition Center
  • AFCAS - African Commission on Agricultural Statistics
  • AFCEC - Air Force Civil Engineering Center
  • AFGWC - Air Force Global Weather Central
  • AFSAS - Air Force Safety Automated System
  • AFSASF - American Foreign Service Agency Scholarship Fund
  • AFSOC - Air Force Special Operations Command
  • AFSOCC - Air Force Special Operations Control Center
  • APCUG - Association of Personal Computer User Groups
  • APCWS - Association for the Preservation of Civil War Sites
  • AVGAS - AViation Gasoline