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AFDC: Meaning Category
AFDC Autopilot flight director computer avionics
AFDC Air Force Doctrine Center Airforce
AFDC Armed Forces Defence Commission ghana
AFDC Alzheimers Family Day Center Community abbreviations
AFDC Association for Forest Development and Conservation Non-Profit Organizations

Abbreviations similar to afdc

  • ABADS - American Brugmansia And Datura Society
  • ABDC - America's Best Dance Crew
  • ABFDS - Aerial Bulk Fuel Delivery System
  • ABTS - American Board of Thoracic Surgery
  • AFAITC - Armed Forces Air Intelligence Training Center
  • AFATDS - Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System
  • AFATDS FED - Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System Forward Entry Device
  • AFATDS LCU - Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System Lightweight Computer Unit
  • AFDIC - Armed Forces Dog Instruction Centre
  • AFDIGS - Air Force Digital Graphics System
  • AFDIS - Air Force Weather Agency Dial-In Subsystem
  • AFDS - Autopilot flight director system
  • AFOATS - Air Force Office Accession Training Schools
  • AFOTEC - Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center
  • AFTAC - Air Force Technical Application Center
  • AFTACIES - AF Tactical Imagery Exploitation System
  • AFTC - Animal Filming Training Commission
  • AFTEC - AF Test and Evaluation Center
  • AFTS - American Forces Television Services
  • AFUDC - allowance for funds used during construction