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AFRC: Meaning Category
AFRC Air Force Reserve Command Airforce
AFRC Armed Forces Revolutionary Council ghana
AFRC Armed Forces Recreation Center Military abbreviations
AFRC Appalachian Forest Resource Center Non-Profit Organizations
AFRC Albion Fisheries Research Centre University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to afrc

  • APERS - Anti-personnel
  • APERS-T - Anti-personnel tracer
  • ABRSM - Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music
  • ABRIXAS - (observing program) A BRoadband Imaging X-ray All-sky Survey
  • APRC - Area Prevention Resource Center
  • ABRS - Asian Businessman Readership Survey
  • APRS - Association of Professional Recording Services
  • AAFARS - Advanced Aviation Forward Area Refueling System
  • AAFRSS - Army/ Air Force Reconnaissance Surveillance Study
  • AAPRSO - Army Aviation Personnel Requirements for Sustained Operations
  • ABRES - Advanced Ballistic Reentry System
  • AFAARS - Air Force After Action Reporting System
  • AFARS - Army Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement
  • AFRCC - Air Force Rescue Coordination Center
  • AFRES - Air Force Reserve
  • AHAFRC - Allen Hall Armed Forces Reserve Center, Tucson, Arizona
  • APORS - Army Performance Oriented Review System (or, and Standards)
  • AVARICE - All Velocity Aft Right Inducement Cerca Engine
  • AVROC - Naval Aviation Reserve Officer Candidates