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AFSB: MeaningCategory
AFSBAfloat Forward Staging BaseMilitary abbreviations
AFSBAir Force Selection BoardMilitary abbreviations
AFSBArmy Field Support BrigadeMilitary abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to afsb

  • ABSV- Armoured Battlegroup Support Vehicle
  • AFSV- armoured fire support vehicle
  • APCBC- Armour-piercing capped ballistic cap
  • AVGP- Armoured Vehicle General Purpose (Canada)
  • AFCFM- Air Force Career Field Manager
  • AFSFC- Air Force Security Forces Center
  • AFSPC- Air Force Space Command
  • AFSVA- Air Force Services Agency
  • APCVD- Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition
  • AFCP- Aboriginal Friendship Centres Program
  • AFCB- Arc Fault Circuit Breaker
  • APCFI- Advanced Process Control Framework Initiative
  • ABS-CBN- Alto Broadcasting System-Chronicle Broadcasting Network
  • AAFSF- Amphibious Assault Fuel Supply Facility
  • ABSAP- Airborne Search and Attack Plotter
  • AFCAP- Air Force Contract Augmentation Program
  • AFSAF- Air Force Semi-Automated Forces