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ag: Meaning Category
ag Attogram Acronym
Ag: Meaning Category
Ag Silver (Latin argentum) Acronym
Ag Silver (Argentum) Chemistry abbreviations
AG: Meaning Category
AG Attorney General healthcare
AG Aerographer's Mate Navy
AG air gunner Acronym
AG Aktiengesellschaft (German, "incorporated") Acronym
AG Algeria (FIPS 10-4 country code) Acronym
AG Antigua and Barbuda (ISO 3166 digram) Acronym
AG Assemblies of God Acronym
AG (organization) Astronomische Gesellschaft astronomy
AG Action Group Community abbreviations
AG Age Group Community abbreviations
AG Aging Gracefully Community abbreviations
AG Academically Gifted Educational abbreviations
AG Agriculture Educational abbreviations
AG Arnold and Gosling computing abbreviations and acronyms
AG Adventure Guide media abbreviations and acronyms
AG After Golgotha media abbreviations and acronyms
AG Authors Guide media abbreviations and acronyms
AG Adjutant General Military abbreviations
AG Air-Ground Military abbreviations
AG Application Gateway Military abbreviations
AG Army Group Military abbreviations
AG Army Guidance Military abbreviations
AG Audio Graphics software abbreviations and acronyms
AG Aggravating Grunt sports abbreviations
AG Anime Gamers sports abbreviations
AG Abstract Geometry University abbreviations
AG Applied Geomechanics University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to ag

  • 19AI-CSA - 19th Alabama Infantry Regiment, Confederate States of America
  • 3ACC - 3A Central Control
  • 643ASG - 643rd Area Support Group
  • 82AHS - World War II 82nd Airborne Historical Society
  • A1C - Airman First Class (from 1952 to 1967 it was A2C)
  • A2C - Airman Second Class (from 1952 to 1967 – now A1C)
  • A2C2 - Army Airborne Command and Control
  • A2C2S - Army Airborne Command and Control System
  • A2I2K - Army Airborne Intelligence 2000
  • A2S3 - AFATDS Application Software Segment Specification
  • A3C - Airman Third Class (from 1952 to 1967 – now Amn)
  • AAAC - Arts Appeal Advisory Committee
  • AAACE - American Association for Adult and Continuing Education
  • AAACO - Army Airborne/Airlift Coordinating Office
  • AAACS - Accuracy Analysis of Artillery Cannon Systems
  • AAAG - African American Advisory Group
  • AAAJ - Advertising Agencies Association of Jamaica
  • AAAS - American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • AAC - Advanced Audio Coding
  • AACA - Asian American Civic Association