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AGB: Meaning Category
AGB Internal Nintendo initialism (Advanced Game Boy) for Game Boy Advance Acronym
AGB Augsburg Airport [Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany] IATA Airport Code
AGB (celestial object) Asymptotic Giant Branch, a type of red giant star astronomy
AGB Asymptotic Giant Branch Chemistry abbreviations
AGB Audits of Great Britain media abbreviations and acronyms
AGB Assault Gun Battalion Military abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to agb

  • ASF - Advanced Systems Format
  • ACP - Audio Control Panel
  • AGPA - American Group Practice Association
  • ACIP - Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices
  • ACAVP - Advanced Composite Armoured Vehicle Platform (UK)
  • ACCV - Armored Cavalry Cannon Vehicle (US)
  • ACV - Aardvark Cleaning Vehicle (US)
  • AGF - Army ground forces
  • AGV - assault gun vehicle
  • ASAP - As soon as possible
  • ASP - Automatic, self-powered
  • ASV - Armored Security Vehicle (US)
  • ACCP - American College of Chest Physicians
  • ACEP - American College of Emergency Physicians