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Abbreviations similar to agnc

  • ACMS- Aircraft Condition Monitoring System
  • ASMSO- American Society of Medication Safety Officers
  • ACMC- (U.S.) Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps
  • AOC in C- Air Officer Commanding in Chief
  • AUSCANNZUKUS- Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States (security designation)
  • A/CNK- Al2O3/( CaO + Na2O + K2O) ( Shands Index)
  • ASYNC- ASYNChronous
  • ACNS- Automated Copyright Notice System
  • AACOMS- Army Area Communications System
  • ACOMS- Air COMMunicationS
  • AGMS- Air to Ground Missile
  • AJMC- Anti-Jam Modem Controller
  • AKMS- Army Key Management System
  • ASIMS- Army Standard Information Management System