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AGRICOLAAgriculture Online AccessAcronym

Abbreviations similar to agricola

  • ACARS- Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System
  • ASARC- Army Systems Acquisition Review Council
  • AKRAOC- Alaska Region Air Operations Center
  • A2C2 or A2C2- Army Airspace Command and Control
  • ASARS- Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar System||Airborne Search and Rescue System
  • ASWORG- (U.S.) AntiSubmarine Warfare Operations Research Group
  • ACRS- Accelerated Cost Recovery System (finance)
  • ACRC- Advisory Committee on Research Computing
  • AS/RS- Automated Storage and Retrieval System
  • ASRS- Automatic Storage and Retrieval System
  • AC/RC- Active Components/Reserve Components
  • AESRS- Army Equipment Status Reporting System