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agt. Agent business
AGT: Meaning Category
AGT Guarani International Airport (Alejo Garcia Airport) [Ciudad del Este, Paraguay] IATA Airport Code
AGT Above Ground Test Military abbreviations
AGT Advanced Gatling Turret Military abbreviations
AGT AEELS Ground Terminal Military abbreviations
AGT Adventure Game Toolkit software abbreviations and acronyms
AGT Adventure Game Theater sports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to agt

  • AACT - Air-to-Air Combat Test
  • AAEGT - American Association Of Educational Gymnastic Teachers
  • AASD - Actors Alliance Of San Diego
  • AASDA - Anti-Armor Systems DetectAbility
  • AAST - Army Aerial Scout Test
  • ACAD - Anodized Ceramic Aluminum Diaphragm
  • ACAT - Acyl CoA: Cholesterol Acyltransferase
  • ACATT - ADEA/CECOM Advanced Technology Test Bed
  • ACCAD - Advanced Computing Center For Art And Design
  • ACCAT - Advanced Command and Control Architectural Testbed
  • ACCD - American Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities
  • ACCET - Accrediting Council for Continuing Education & Training
  • ACCSCT - Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology
  • ACCT - Association of Community Councils Together
  • ACD - Alcides Fernández Airport
  • ACDA - Arms Control & Disarmament Agency
  • ACDO - Assistant Command Duty Officer
  • ACDT - Apple Certified Desktop Technician
  • ACED - Attendance, Character, Effort, Discipline
  • ACET - Adult Continuing Education And Training