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aH: MeaningCategory
AH: MeaningCategory
AHAttack HelicopterAcronym
AHActive Hubcomputing
AHAryl HydrocarbonChemistry abbreviations
AHAfter HoursCommunity abbreviations
AHAuction HouseCommunity abbreviations
AHAmpere HoursElectronics abbreviations
AHArtificial HarmonicElectronics abbreviations
AHAddress Handlingcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
AHApplication Headercomputing abbreviations and acronyms
AHAttribute Hiddencomputing abbreviations and acronyms
AHAlert HeightMilitary abbreviations
AHAce of Heartssports abbreviations
AHAmerican HistoryUniversity abbreviations
Ah: MeaningCategory
AhAmpere hourmilitary

Abbreviations similar to ah

  • AHA- American Hospital Association … or American Heart Association
  • AI- Aortic insufficiency
  • AA- anti-aircraft
  • AAA- anti-aircraft artillery "Triple A"
  • AE- action express
  • AO- Area of operations
  • AOI- Arab Organisation for Industrialisation
  • AWE- Advanced Warfighting Experiment
  • AEW- Air Expeditionary Wing
  • AU- Air University
  • AW- Airlift Wing
  • AAW- Anti-Air warfare
  • AOW- Auxilliaryman of the Watch
  • AAO- American Academy of Ophthalmology