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AIDS: Meaning Category
AIDS Aircraft Integrated Data System avionics
AIDS Acquired immune deficiency syndrome healthcare
AIDS Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Acronym
AIDS Acquiring Information Destroying Stereotypes Community abbreviations
AIDS ADCOM Information Display System Military abbreviations
AIDS Army Inventory of Data Systems Military abbreviations
AIDS Automated Infantry Data System Military abbreviations
AIDS An Interactive Delicate Stigma software abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations similar to aids

  • ADC - Air data computer
  • ADS - Either; Automatic Dependent Surveillance or air data system
  • ADS-A - Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Address
  • ATC - Air traffic control
  • ATCSS - Air traffic control signalling system
  • ATIS - Automated Terminal Information Service
  • ATSU - Air Traffic Services Unit
  • ADC-A - Assistant Division Commander
  • ATACS - Advanced tank cannon system (US)
  • ATAS - Automatic target acquisition system
  • ATG - Anti-tank gun
  • ATGW - Anti-tank guided weapon
  • ATK - Alliant Techsystems
  • ATS - Atelier de Construction de Tarbes
  • ATTC - All Terrain Tracked Carrier
  • ATTS - Air Transportable Towed System
  • AADS - Alaskan Air Defense Sector