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AIR: MeaningCategory
AIRAircraft Inventory RecordAcronym
AIRAripuanã Airport[Aripuanã, Mato Grosso, Brazil]IATA Airport Code
AIRAir Injector ReactorChemistry abbreviations
AIRAcknowledge, Inform, RetainEducational abbreviations
AIRAssociation of Institutional ResearchEducational abbreviations
AIRAnalog Input RangeElectronics abbreviations
AIRAntenna Integrated RadioElectronics abbreviations
AIRArea Information Retrievalcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
AIRAsociacion Interamericana de Radiodifusionmedia abbreviations and acronyms
AIRAir Interceptor RocketMilitary abbreviations
AIRAustralian Infantry ReserveMilitary abbreviations
AIRAmerican Institute for ResearchNon-Profit Organizations
AIRAcross Indiana Runsports abbreviations
AIRAerial Inversion Ridesports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to air

  • AIIR- Airborne infection isolation room
  • AAR- After Action Review
  • AR- Assault rifle
  • ARE- Atelier de Construction Roanne
  • ARI- Alcohol Related Incident
  • ARA- American Rheumatological Association
  • AOR- Area of Responsibility
  • ARH- Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter
  • AIRRE- airgun report