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AIR: Meaning Category
AIR Aircraft Inventory Record Acronym
AIR Aripuanã Airport [Aripuanã, Mato Grosso, Brazil] IATA Airport Code
AIR Air Injector Reactor Chemistry abbreviations
AIR Acknowledge, Inform, Retain Educational abbreviations
AIR Association of Institutional Research Educational abbreviations
AIR Analog Input Range Electronics abbreviations
AIR Antenna Integrated Radio Electronics abbreviations
AIR Area Information Retrieval computing abbreviations and acronyms
AIR Asociacion Interamericana de Radiodifusion media abbreviations and acronyms
AIR Air Interceptor Rocket Military abbreviations
AIR Australian Infantry Reserve Military abbreviations
AIR American Institute for Research Non-Profit Organizations
AIR Across Indiana Run sports abbreviations
AIR Aerial Inversion Ride sports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to air

  • AIIR - Airborne infection isolation room
  • AAR - After Action Review
  • AR - Assault rifle
  • ARE - Atelier de Construction Roanne
  • ARI - Alcohol Related Incident
  • ARA - American Rheumatological Association
  • AOR - Area of Responsibility
  • ARH - Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter
  • AIRRE - airgun report