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AJR: Meaning Category
AJR Arvidsjaur Airport [Arvidsjaur, Sweden] IATA Airport Code
AJR Association of Jamaicans in Richmond Non-Profit Organizations
AJR Association of Jewish Refugees Non-Profit Organizations
AJR Alex Job Racing sports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to ajr

  • ASR - Airport surveillance radar
  • ACR - Adjusted community rating
  • ACRI - African Crisis Initiative
  • AESR - Aeronautical Equipment Service Record
  • AZUR - Actions en zone urbaine (French, Urban Operations)
  • AGRU - acid gas removal unit
  • AGR - Agra Airport/Agra Air Force Station
  • AKR - Akure Airport
  • AXR - Arutua Airport
  • AZR - Touat Cheikh Sidi Mohamed Belkebir Airport