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a.k.a.: Meaning Category
a.k.a. Also known as (i.e.: alias) Acronym
AKA: Meaning Category
AKA Above knee amputation (orthopaedic usage) Acronym
AKA Ankang Airport [Ankang, Shaanxi, China] IATA Airport Code
AKA American Killifish Association Non-Profit Organizations
AKA Australian Kinesiology Association Non-Profit Organizations
AKA American Karate Association sports abbreviations
AKA American Kickboxing Association sports abbreviations
AKA Arizona Karting Association sports abbreviations
AKA Awesomely Kick Ass sports abbreviations
AKA Alpha Kappa Alpha University abbreviations
aka: Meaning Category
aka Akan languages (ISO 639-2 code) Acronym

Abbreviations similar to aka

  • AAC - Advanced Audio Coding
  • ASCII - American Standard Code for Information Interchange
  • ACC - Area Control Centre
  • ACS - Audio Control System
  • AGC - Automatic gain control
  • AHC - Attitude Heading Control
  • AOC - Aeronautical Operational Control
  • ASU - Avionics switching unit
  • ACHE - American College of Healthcare Executives
  • ACA - Affordable Care Act
  • ACU - Ambulatory care unit
  • AG - Attorney General
  • ASC - Ambulatory surgery center
  • ASO - Administrative services only contract
  • AS - Aortic stenosis
  • AAG - Anti-aircraft gun
  • AAK - Appliqué armor kit (US)
  • A/C - aircraft commander
  • AC - alternating current