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Alf: Meaning Category
Alf Alphonse Community abbreviations
ALF: Meaning Category
ALF Africa Leadership Forum Acronym
ALF Alien Life Form (cf. ALF (TV series)) Acronym
ALF Animal Liberation Front Acronym
ALF Alta Airport [Alta, Norway] IATA Airport Code
ALF Assisted Living Facility Community abbreviations
ALF Anytime Learning Fun Educational abbreviations
ALF Advanced Linear-fit Filter Electronics abbreviations
ALF Alien Life Form media abbreviations and acronyms
ALF Adolf Lives Forever Military abbreviations
ALF Air Land Force Military abbreviations
ALF Alert Log File Military abbreviations
ALF Auxiliary Landing Field Military abbreviations
ALF American Liver Foundation Non-Profit Organizations
ALF Another Logical Framework software abbreviations and acronyms
ALF Awesome Little Fighter sports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to alf

  • ALPO - Assistant Lead Petty Officer
  • ALPE - Alliance for Poverty Eradication
  • ALAP - As Long/Late As Possible
  • ALB - Albania (ISO 3166 trigram)
  • ALPA - Air Line Pilots Association
  • ALP - Aleppo International Airport (Nejrab Airport)
  • ALV - Andorra La Vella Airport
  • ALBA - Acetylation Lowers Binding Affinity
  • AILP - Adolescent Independent Living Programming
  • ALFA - A Loving Family Affair
  • ALLB - Assistance League of Long Beach
  • ALPHA - Activity Leisure Play Health And Achievement
  • ALBE - Adult Literacy and Basic Education
  • ALLP - Aldo Leopold Leadership Program