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Alr.: MeaningCategory
Alr.Aliter ("Otherwise")ecclesiastical
ALR: MeaningCategory
ALRacoustic log reportoil&gas
ALRAlexandra Airport[Alexandra, New Zealand]IATA Airport Code
ALRAfternoon Lunch RendezvousCommunity abbreviations
ALRAmps-Locked RotorElectronics abbreviations
ALRAmerican Legal Reviewmedia abbreviations and acronyms
ALRArtillery Locating Radar, AN/TPQ-37Military abbreviations
ALRAt Last ReportMilitary abbreviations
ALRADRIFT Language Resourcesoftware abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations similar to alr

  • ALARA- Attenuation Low And Results Achieved
  • ALOR- Aviation Logistics Operations Model
  • ALRA- Army Logistics Readiness Assessment (now ALA)
  • ALRE- Arizona Latino Research Enterprise