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ALT Either; altimeter or altitude avionics
ALT Armoured launching turret military
ALT Alenquer Airport [Alenquer, Pará, Brazil] IATA Airport Code
ALT Alternating optometric
ALT Algorithmic Learning Theory computing abbreviations and acronyms
ALT Application Load Table computing abbreviations and acronyms
ALT Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology Military abbreviations
ALT Active Leap Technology Military abbreviations
ALT Administrative Lead Time Military abbreviations
ALT Alternate Military abbreviations
ALT Altitude Military abbreviations
ALT Anarchists, Lunatics, and Terrorists Military abbreviations
ALT Approach and Landing Test Military abbreviations
ALT ALTernate key software abbreviations and acronyms
ALT Achievement Level Tests University abbreviations
ALT Arts Lecture Theatre University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to alt

  • AELT - Aeromedical Evacuation Liaison Team
  • AHLTA - Armed Forces Health Longitudinal Technology Application
  • AILT - Amelia Island Lighthouse Tour
  • AILTA - All India Lawn Tennis Association
  • ALA DD - Doss porphyria/ALA dehydratase deficiency/Plumboporphyria (the disease is known by multiple names)
  • ALAT - Aviation Logistics Assistance Team
  • ALD - Accounting Line Designator (nuclear weapon targeting)
  • ALDH - ALdehyde DeHydrogenase
  • ALDT - Administrative and Logistics Delay Time
  • ALLD - Automatic Line Leak Detector
  • ALTA - Adult Literacy Through the Arts
  • ALTD - Airborne Laser Target Designator
  • ALTE - Association of Language Testers in Europe