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AMDBLAir and Missile Defense Battle LabMilitary abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to amdbl

  • ANTIOPE- Acquisition Numérique et Télévisualisation d'Images Organisées en Page d'Ecriture ( teletext
  • AIMTB- Artificial Intelligence Modules Test Bed
  • AMDF- Army Master Data File
  • AMDPCS- Air & Missile Defense Planning and Control System
  • AMedP- Allied Medical Publication
  • AMEDPAS- Army Medical Property Accounting System
  • AMMDB- Army MARC Maintenance Database
  • AMTEP- Army Mission, Training, and Evaluation Plan
  • AMTP- Army (or ARTEP) Mission Training Plan
  • ANDVT- Advance Narrow-band Digital Voice Terminal
  • ANDF- Architectural Neutral Distribution Format