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AME: Meaning Category
AME African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church ghana
AME Alto Molocue Airport [Alto Molocue, Mozambique] IATA Airport Code
AME African Methodist Episcopal Community abbreviations
AME Advanced Metal Evaporated Electronics abbreviations
AME Aeromedical Evacuation Military abbreviations
AME Air Mobility Element(USAF) Military abbreviations
AME Airspace Management Element Military abbreviations
AME Antenna Mounted Electronics Military abbreviations
AME Academy of Management Executives Non-Profit Organizations
AME Adventure Middle Earth sports abbreviations
AME Agriculture Man Ecology University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to ame

  • ANN - Annunciator – caution warning system normally containing visual and audio alerts to the pilot
  • AAHAM - American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management
  • AMA - American Medical Association
  • ANA - American Nurses Association
  • AONE - American Organization of Nurse Executives
  • AAN - Army after next
  • Amn - Airman
  • AMW - Air Mobility Wing
  • AM - Aviation Structural Mechanic
  • AMO - Assistant Maintenance Officer
  • AN - Airman
  • AAIN - American Academy of Industrial Nurses
  • ANNA - American Nephrology Nurses' Association
  • AWHONN - Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses
  • AWAM - Association of West African Merchants
  • AAM - air-to-air missile