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AMIS: MeaningCategory
AMISAdvanced Multimedia Indexing And Searchingcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
AMISAudio Messaging Interchange Specificationcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
AMISArmy Management Information SystemMilitary abbreviations
AMISArrest Me I Skatesports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to amis

  • ANSI- American National Standards Institute
  • AMS- Air Management System
  • ANC- Active Noise Cancellation
  • AMC- United States Army Materiel Command
  • AMOS- Advanced mortar system
  • AMS-H- Advanced Missile System
  • AMX- Atelier de Construction d'Issy-les-Moulineaux
  • AMMS- Airborne Missile Maintenance Squadron Missile Badge
  • AMXS- Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
  • ANG- Air National Guard
  • AMSA- American Medical Student Association
  • ANUC- All Nations University College
  • AOMC- Association of Oil Marketing Companies
  • AANEAS- Anglo-Australian Near-Earth Asteroid Survey