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AMOPS: Meaning Category
AMOPS Army Mobilization and Operations Planning System Military abbreviations
AMOPS Army Mobilization OPerations System Military abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to amops

  • AMAPS - Aircraft, Missile, Avionics Performance Simulation
  • AMPS - Alcohol Misuse Prevention Study
  • AMBCS - Associate Member of the British Computer Society
  • AMPAS - Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
  • AAMPS - Anti Army Master Plan Studies
  • AMBUS - AMBulance BUS
  • AMOPES - Army Mobilization and Operations Planning and Execution System
  • AMPSSO - Automated Message Processing System Security Office
  • AN/VPQ-1 - Tactical Range Threat Generator
  • ANBACIS - Automated Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Information System
  • ANVIS - Aviation Night Vision Imaging System
  • AMBC-555PIA - Airborne Memorial Bridge Chapter 555th Parachute Infantry Association
  • AMFCSE - Astronauts Memorial Foundation Center for Space Education