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AMSA: MeaningCategory
AMSAAmerican Medical Student AssociationMedical-organisations
AMSAAdvanced Manned Strategic AircraftMilitary abbreviations
AMSAArea Maintenance Support ActivityMilitary abbreviations
AMSAArmy Maintenance Support ActivityMilitary abbreviations
AMSAAmerican Medallic Sculpture AssociationNon-Profit Organizations
AMSAAmerican Music Scholarship AssociationNon-Profit Organizations
AMSAAustin Mens' Soccer Associationsports abbreviations
AMSAAmerican Medical Students AssociationUniversity abbreviations
AMSAAmerican Mens Studies AssociationUniversity abbreviations
AMSAApplied Math Science AcademyUniversity abbreviations
AMSAAsian Medical Students AssociationUniversity abbreviations
AMSAAustralian Medical Student's AssociationUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to amsa

  • ANSI- American National Standards Institute
  • AMS- Air Management System
  • ANC- Active Noise Cancellation
  • AMC- United States Army Materiel Command
  • AMOS- Advanced mortar system
  • AMS-H- Advanced Missile System
  • AMX- Atelier de Construction d'Issy-les-Moulineaux
  • AMMS- Airborne Missile Maintenance Squadron Missile Badge
  • AMXS- Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
  • ANG- Air National Guard
  • ANUC- All Nations University College
  • AOMC- Association of Oil Marketing Companies
  • AANEAS- Anglo-Australian Near-Earth Asteroid Survey