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AMSA: Meaning Category
AMSA American Medical Student Association Medical-organisations
AMSA Advanced Manned Strategic Aircraft Military abbreviations
AMSA Area Maintenance Support Activity Military abbreviations
AMSA Army Maintenance Support Activity Military abbreviations
AMSA American Medallic Sculpture Association Non-Profit Organizations
AMSA American Music Scholarship Association Non-Profit Organizations
AMSA Austin Mens' Soccer Association sports abbreviations
AMSA American Medical Students Association University abbreviations
AMSA American Mens Studies Association University abbreviations
AMSA Applied Math Science Academy University abbreviations
AMSA Asian Medical Students Association University abbreviations
AMSA Australian Medical Student's Association University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to amsa

  • 615 AMOG - 615th Air Mobility Operations Group
  • AAMC - Association Of American Medical Colleges
  • AAMG - Asociación AMigos de Los Niños Guatemala (Association of Friends of the Children, Guatemala)
  • AAMMS - Army Automated Multimedia System
  • AAMS - Air-to-Air Missile System
  • AAMSU - Army Air Movement Support Unit
  • AAMYC - Ann Arbor Model Yacht Club
  • AANEAS - Anglo-Australian Near-Earth Asteroid Survey
  • AANMC - Association of Accredited Naturopathic Medical Colleges
  • AEMS - Accounting, Economics, and Management Science
  • AENG - Advanced European Natural Gas
  • AHAMS - Advanced Heavy Anti-tank Missile System
  • AIIMS - All India Institute of Medical Sciences
  • AIMC - Army Information Management Committee
  • AIMI-X - Aviation Intensive Managed Items - Expanded
  • AIMS - Academic Inspiration for Minority Success
  • AINC - Army Interoperability Network Center
  • AINS - Austrian Institute for Nonlinear Studies
  • AINSEE - Academic Information Network of South East Europe
  • AMAC - American Military Arms Corporation