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AND: Meaning Category
AND Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (formerly American Dietetic Association) Medical-organisations
AND Andorra (ISO 3166 trigram) Acronym
AND Anderson Regional Airport [Anderson, South Carolina, United States] IATA Airport Code
AND logical AND Electronics abbreviations
AND logical AND (programming, IC design) computing abbreviations and acronyms
AND Around Night and Day media abbreviations and acronyms
AND Automatic Digital Network Military abbreviations
AND logical AND (programming) software abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations similar to and

  • AAMD - Annual Active Membership Dues
  • AAMT - Academic Affairs Management Team
  • AAMWD - Air-to-Air MEP/ Weapon Integration Demonstration
  • AIMD - Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department (or Detachment)
  • AINET - Advocates International Network
  • AMD - Advanced Micro Device
  • AMDA - Acid Maltase Deficiency Association
  • AMDAI - Age-related Macular Degeneration Alliance International
  • aMDEA - activated methyldiethanolamine
  • AMDT - AEELS Mobile Downlink Terminal
  • AMEDD - Army Medical Command
  • AMET - Advanced Man-portable EHF Terminal
  • AMETA - Army Management Engineering Training Activity
  • AMIT - A Man In Trouble
  • AMMDA - Army Medical Materiel Development Activity
  • AMMIT - Aerial Multi-Mission Integrated Testbed
  • AMT - Amata Airport
  • AMTA - American Mock Trial Association
  • AMTE - UK Admiralty Marine Technology Establishment (1977–1984)
  • AMUT - Advanced Manpack UHF Terminal