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ANR: Meaning Category
ANR Active Noise Reduction avionics
ANR Alaskan NORAD Region Airforce
ANR Antwerp International Airport [Antwerp, Belgium] IATA Airport Code
ANR Automatic Network Routing computing abbreviations and acronyms
ANR Aeronautica Nazionale Republicana Military abbreviations
ANR Alaskan NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) Region Military abbreviations
ANR Approval Not Required Military abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to anr

  • AAMRO - African American Mentors Reaching Out
  • AANR - American Association for Nude Recreation
  • AMOR - Army Missile Optical Range
  • AMR - Anti-materiel rifle
  • AMRA - Automatic Meter Reading Association
  • AMRAA - Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity
  • ANARE - analysis report
  • ANWR - Arctic National Wildlife Refuge /ˈænwɑr/