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AO: MeaningCategory
AOArea of operationsmilitary
AOAuthorized OutageAirforce
AOAviation OrdnancemanNavy
AOAngola (FIPS 10-4 country code; ISO 3166 digram)|| Approach Officer (submarine)||Area of OperationsAcronym
AO(instrumentation) Adaptive Opticsastronomy
AOAldehyde OxidaseChemistry abbreviations
AOAqueous OxygenChemistry abbreviations
AOAll OutdoorsCommunity abbreviations
AOAntiquites OrientalesCommunity abbreviations
AOAcousto OpticElectronics abbreviations
AOAlpha OscillatorElectronics abbreviations
AOAlways OpenElectronics abbreviations
AOAlways OscillatingElectronics abbreviations
AOAnalog OutElectronics abbreviations
AOAutonomous Objectcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
AOAction OfficerMilitary abbreviations
AOAdministration OfficerMilitary abbreviations
AOadministrative occupationsMilitary abbreviations
AOAdministrative OfficerMilitary abbreviations
AOAerial ObserverMilitary abbreviations
AOAgent OrangeMilitary abbreviations
AOAir OfficerMilitary abbreviations
AOApproval OrderMilitary abbreviations
AOArea of OperationMilitary abbreviations
AOArea of OperationsMilitary abbreviations
AOArmy OrdersMilitary abbreviations
AOAuthorizing OfficialMilitary abbreviations
AOAviatsionnaya Oskolochnyang (aircraft fragmentation ammunition)Military abbreviations
AOARC Objectssoftware abbreviations and acronyms
AOAmateur Ownersports abbreviations
AOAcademic OfficeUniversity abbreviations
AOAlpha OmegaUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to ao

  • AHA- American Hospital Association … or American Heart Association
  • AI- Aortic insufficiency
  • AA- anti-aircraft
  • AAA- anti-aircraft artillery "Triple A"
  • AE- action express
  • Ah- Ampere hour
  • AOI- Arab Organisation for Industrialisation
  • AWE- Advanced Warfighting Experiment
  • AEW- Air Expeditionary Wing
  • AU- Air University
  • AW- Airlift Wing
  • AAW- Anti-Air warfare
  • AOW- Auxilliaryman of the Watch
  • AAO- American Academy of Ophthalmology
  • AOA- American Optometric Association