Found 17 abbreviations in 2 groups
AoA: Meaning Category
AoA Analysis of Alternatives Military abbreviations
AOA: Meaning Category
AOA American Optometric Association Medical-organisations
AOA Australian Orthopaedic Association Medical-organisations
AOA American Osteopathic Association Medical-organisations
AOA Air Officer in charge of Administration||Argonne National Laboratory|| Angolan kwanza (ISO 4217 currency code)|| Award Of Arms (heraldry) Acronym
AOA Aroa Airport [Aroa, Papua New Guinea] IATA Airport Code
AOA angle of attack aerospace
AOA Anhydrous Oripavine Alkaloid Chemistry abbreviations
AOA Abbreviated Operational Assessment Military abbreviations
AOA Abort Once Around Military abbreviations
AOA Add- On Armor Military abbreviations
AOA Amphibious Objective Area Military abbreviations
AOA Angle Of Arrival Military abbreviations
AOA Attack On Acquisition Military abbreviations
AOA Alaska Optometric Association Non-Profit Organizations
AOA Auxiliary Organizations Association Non-Profit Organizations
AOA Age Of Apocalypse sports abbreviations
AOA Alberta Orienteering Association sports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to aoa

  • AHA - American Hospital Association … or American Heart Association
  • AI - Aortic insufficiency
  • AA - anti-aircraft
  • AAA - anti-aircraft artillery "Triple A"
  • AE - action express
  • Ah - Ampere hour
  • AO - Area of operations
  • AOI - Arab Organisation for Industrialisation
  • AWE - Advanced Warfighting Experiment
  • AEW - Air Expeditionary Wing
  • AU - Air University
  • AW - Airlift Wing
  • AAW - Anti-Air warfare
  • AOW - Auxilliaryman of the Watch
  • AAO - American Academy of Ophthalmology