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APR: MeaningCategory
APRAnnual Percentage RateAcronym
APRApril River Airport[April River, Papua New Guinea]IATA Airport Code
APRApache Portable Runtimecomputing
APRActual peak reduction (e.g. in demand response systems) (electricity)energy
APRAir Purifying RespiratorChemistry abbreviations
APRAlways Playing Rootsmedia abbreviations and acronyms
APRAnnual Program ReviewMilitary abbreviations
APRAssign Primary zone RoutingMilitary abbreviations
APRArizona Pylon Racingsports abbreviations
APRAverage Penalty Receivedsports abbreviations
APRAcademic Progress RateUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to apr

  • ABRO- Army Base Repair Organisation
  • AFA/ARA- Aerial field artillery/aerial rocket artillery (US, Vietnam war era attack helicopter batteries employing 2.75 in. FFAR)
  • AVR- Armoured vehicle reconnaissance
  • AVRE- Armoured Vehicle Royal Engineers (UK)
  • AFHRA- Air Force Historical Research Agency
  • AFAIR- As Far As I Remember/Recall
  • afr- Afrikaans language (ISO 639-2 code)
  • AFRRI- (i, U.S.) Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute
  • APPRE- appraisal report
  • ABR- Aberdeen Regional Airport
  • APPR- All Pikes Peak Reads