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APT: Meaning Category
APT Armour-piercing tracer military
APT Marion County Airport (Brown Field) [Jasper, Tennessee, United States] IATA Airport Code
APT (telescope) Automated Patrol Telescope astronomy
APT Airport aerospace
APT Adolescent Portable Therapy Community abbreviations
APT Alzheimer's Prevention Initiative Community abbreviations
APT Advanced Placement Test Educational abbreviations
APT Applauding and Promoting Teaching Educational abbreviations
APT Audio Pass Through Electronics abbreviations
APT Automated Programmed Tool computing abbreviations and acronyms
APT Angry Politician Television media abbreviations and acronyms
APT Advanced Platform Technology Military abbreviations
APT Association for Preservation Technology Non-Profit Organizations
APT Adaptive Performance Technology software abbreviations and acronyms
APT Advanced Package Tool software abbreviations and acronyms
APT Advanced Packaging Tool software abbreviations and acronyms
APT Almost Plain Text software abbreviations and acronyms
APT Annotation Processing Tool software abbreviations and acronyms
APT Automatically Programmed Tool software abbreviations and acronyms
APT Association of Professional Tossers sports abbreviations
APT Academic Program for Talented students University abbreviations
APT Applied Petroleum Technology University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to apt

  • ABAIT - Automatic Board Assembly, Inspection, and Test
  • ABAT - AirLand Battle Advanced Technologies
  • ABATE - American Bikers Aimed Towards Education
  • Abd. - Abdominal
  • ABET - Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology
  • ABHIDE - Army Behavioral Health Integrated Data Environment
  • ABIT - advanced built-in test
  • ABOTO - American Board of Otology
  • ABT - Al-Baha Domestic Airport
  • ABTA - American Brain Tumor Association
  • ABVT - Ananda Buddha Vihara Trust
  • ABWT - Ansar Burney Welfare Trust (Pakistan)
  • AEPT - Advanced Engine/ Propulsion Technology
  • AFAT - Arizona Financial Aid Trust
  • AFD - Autopilot flight director
  • AFDD - Aero Flight Dynamics Directorate
  • AFDE - Artic Fuel Dispensing Equipment Fuel Dispensing Equipment
  • AFDH - American Fund for Dental Health
  • AFDO - Australian Federation of Disability Organisations
  • AFFT - Americans For Fair Taxation