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ARC American Red Cross healthcare
ARC Arc-second Raster Chart||Appalachian Regional Commission Acronym
ARC Arctic Village Airport [Arctic Village, Alaska, United States] IATA Airport Code
ARC (organization) Ames Research Center astronomy
ARC (organization) Astrophysical Research Consortium astronomy
ARC Adaptive Replacement Cache computing
ARC Advanced RISC Computing computing
ARC Anomalous retinal correspondence optometric
ARC Action Reflection And Celebration Community abbreviations
ARC Advocacy, Respect, and Community Community abbreviations
ARC Architectural Review Committee Community abbreviations
ARC Area Recreation Center Community abbreviations
ARC Association of Retarded Citizens Community abbreviations
ARC Awareness, Responsibility, And Communication Community abbreviations
ARC Anti-Reflective Coating Electronics abbreviations
ARC Advanced Risc Computing computing abbreviations and acronyms
ARC Argonaut Risc Core computing abbreviations and acronyms
ARC Advanced Readers Copy media abbreviations and acronyms
ARC Art Response And Copy media abbreviations and acronyms
ARC Accounting Requirements Code Military abbreviations
ARC Advanced Reconnaissance Commando Military abbreviations
ARC Advanced Research Center Military abbreviations
ARC Advanced Rotor Concepts Military abbreviations
ARC Air Reserve Component Military abbreviations
ARC Airborne Radio Communications Military abbreviations
ARC Almost Ready To Cover Military abbreviations
ARC Anti Reflective Coating Military abbreviations
ARC Arc Second Raster Chart Military abbreviations
ARC Architecture Review Committee Military abbreviations
ARC Army Recruiting Command Military abbreviations
ARC Attack, Retrieve, and Capture Military abbreviations
ARC Attitude, Respect, Cooperation Military abbreviations
ARC Adoption Resource Center Non-Profit Organizations
ARC Advocacy for Respect for Cyclists Non-Profit Organizations
ARC Allied Rainbow Communities Non-Profit Organizations
ARC Animal Rescue Center Non-Profit Organizations
ARC Animal Rights Conference Non-Profit Organizations
ARC Association for Retarded Children Non-Profit Organizations
ARC Association for Retarded Citizens Non-Profit Organizations
ARC Active Race Control sports abbreviations
ARC Adventure Racing Canada sports abbreviations
ARC Alloy Racing Composites sports abbreviations
ARC American Roundball Corporation sports abbreviations
ARC Arcane Roleplayers Consortium sports abbreviations
ARC Association of Rover Clubs sports abbreviations
ARC Atlantic Rally For Cruisers sports abbreviations
ARC Academic Resource Center University abbreviations
ARC Academic Resource Connection University abbreviations
ARC Accreditation And Registration Council University abbreviations
ARC Advanced Research For Chariots University abbreviations
ARC Allison Road Classroom University abbreviations
ARC Archaeological Resource Centre University abbreviations
ARC Area Research Center University abbreviations
ARC Australian Research Council University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to arc

  • AHRS - Attitude and Heading Reference Systems
  • AHRQ - Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
  • ARS - Air Rescue Squadron (formerly ARRS)
  • ARRS - Air Rescue and Recovery Squardon
  • AIRS - Aerometric Information Retrieval System (obsolete; replaced with AFS)
  • ARAG - Advanced Research and Assessment Group
  • ARCA - Automobile Racing Club of America
  • arg - Aragonese language (ISO 639-2 code)
  • ARRC - ACE Rapid Reaction Corps
  • ARSC - Arctic Region Supercomputing Center
  • ARWG - Army Research Working Group ("are-wig")
  • AIRG - airgun
  • ARJ - Arso Airport
  • ARK - Arusha Airport
  • ARQ - Arauquita Airport (El Troncal)