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ARDSAcute respiratory distress syndromeacronyms for diseases and disorders
ARDSAutomated Resources Directory ServiceMilitary abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to ards

  • AARADCOM- Army Armament Research and Development Command
  • ARDEC- Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center
  • ARETS- Armour Remote Target System
  • ARRADCOM- Armament Research and Development Command
  • ARTCC- Air Route Traffic Control Center
  • ARTS- Austin Revitalizing The Shores
  • AARDAC- Army Air Reconnaissance for Damage Assessment in CONUS
  • AARTS- Army/American Council on Education Registry Transcript Service
  • ARDIS- Army Research and Development Information System
  • ARRTC- Army Reserve Readiness Training Center
  • ARTC- Atlantic Regional Training Centre
  • ARTIS- Advanced Radar Target Identification System