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ARI: Meaning Category
ARI Alcohol Related Incident Airforce
ARI Animal Research Institute ghana
ARI Acute Respiratory Infection||U.S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences Acronym
ARI azimuthal resistivity image oil&gas
ARI Chacalluta International Airport [Arica, Chile] IATA Airport Code
ARI Analytic Reading Inventory Educational abbreviations
ARI Addressee Routing Indicator Military abbreviations
ARI Army Research Institute (for behavioral and social sciences) Military abbreviations
ARI Automatic Return Item Military abbreviations
ARI Asian Relief, Inc. Non-Profit Organizations
ARI Arizona Diamondbacks sports abbreviations
ARI Asia Research Institute University abbreviations
ARI Automatic Room Identification University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to ari

  • AIIR - Airborne infection isolation room
  • AAR - After Action Review
  • AR - Assault rifle
  • ARE - Atelier de Construction Roanne
  • ARA - American Rheumatological Association
  • AIR - Aircraft Inventory Record
  • AOR - Area of Responsibility
  • ARH - Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter
  • AIRRE - airgun report
  • AER - Adler-Sochi International Airport