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ARTS: Meaning Category
ARTS Austin Revitalizing The Shores Community abbreviations
ARTS Arts Restoration Throughout Schools Educational abbreviations
ARTS At Risk Talented Students Educational abbreviations
ARTS Automatic Range Transponder System Electronics abbreviations
ARTS Artscene Radio Talk Show media abbreviations and acronyms
ARTS All Range Tactical Squadron Military abbreviations
ARTS ARrmy Training Study Military abbreviations
ARTS Academic Requirement Tracking System University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to arts

  • AARADCOM - Army Armament Research and Development Command
  • ARDEC - Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center
  • ARETS - Armour Remote Target System
  • ARRADCOM - Armament Research and Development Command
  • ARTCC - Air Route Traffic Control Center
  • ARDS - Acute respiratory distress syndrome
  • AARDAC - Army Air Reconnaissance for Damage Assessment in CONUS
  • AARTS - Army/American Council on Education Registry Transcript Service
  • ARDIS - Army Research and Development Information System
  • ARRTC - Army Reserve Readiness Training Center
  • ARTC - Atlantic Regional Training Centre
  • ARTIS - Advanced Radar Target Identification System
  • ARTS III - Automated Radar Tracking System, Version 3