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ASDL Aeronautical satellite data link avionics
ASDL American Standard Digital Line Electronics abbreviations
ASDL Abstract Syntax Description Language computing abbreviations and acronyms
ASDL Abstract Scenery Description Language software abbreviations and acronyms
ASDL Advanced Serial Data Logger software abbreviations and acronyms
ASDL Aerospace Systems Design Laboratory, Georgia Tech University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to asdl

  • ACDL - Army Commercial Driver's License
  • ACTL - A Child To Love
  • AGDL - Air-Ground Data Link
  • AGTELIS - Automatic Group Transportable Emitter Location and ID System
  • ASD(A&L) - Assistant Secretary of Defense (Acquisition and Logistics)
  • ASD(LA) - (U.S.) Assistant Secretary of Defense (Legislative Affairs)
  • ASTTL - Advanced Schottky Transistor-Transistor Logic