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ASL: MeaningCategory
ASLAmerican sign languageMedical-organisations
ASLAbove Sea Level||American Sign Language (also known as Ameslan)||"Age, Sex, Location?" (Internet slang)Acronym
ASLHarrison County Airport[Marshall, Texas, United States]IATA Airport Code
ASLabove sea levelaerospace
ASLAtom Specification LanguageChemistry abbreviations
ASLAmerican Sign LanguageEducational abbreviations
ASLAverage Sentence LengthEducational abbreviations
ASLAdvance Squad LeaderMilitary abbreviations
ASLAllowable Supply ListMilitary abbreviations
ASLArchipelagic Sea LaneMilitary abbreviations
ASLAssign Switch Locator routingMilitary abbreviations
ASLAssigned Stockage ListMilitary abbreviations
ASLAtmospheric Sciences LaboratoryMilitary abbreviations
ASLAuthorized Stockage LevelMilitary abbreviations
ASLAuthorized Stockage ListMilitary abbreviations
ASLAnti-Saloon LeagueNon-Profit Organizations
ASLAssociation for Symbolic LogicNon-Profit Organizations
ASLACPI Source Languagesoftware abbreviations and acronyms
ASLAdvanced System of Languagessoftware abbreviations and acronyms
ASLApache Software Licensesoftware abbreviations and acronyms
ASLApplication Services Librarysoftware abbreviations and acronyms
ASLAcademic Sports Leaguesports abbreviations
ASLAir Soft Leaguesports abbreviations
ASLAmerican Soccer Leaguesports abbreviations
ASLAutobacs Sportscar Laboratorysports abbreviations
ASLAverage Shot Lengthsports abbreviations
ASLApplied Sciences LaboratoryUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to asl

  • AGL- above ground level
  • ACL- Access Control List
  • ACLU- American Civil Liberties Union
  • AJL- Aizawl Airport
  • AKL- Auckland Airport
  • AXL- Alexandria Airport
  • AQL- Acceptable Quality Limits
  • AACL- Alberta Association for Community Living
  • ACIL- Access Center for Independent Living