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ASL: Meaning Category
ASL American sign language Medical-organisations
ASL Above Sea Level||American Sign Language (also known as Ameslan)||"Age, Sex, Location?" (Internet slang) Acronym
ASL Harrison County Airport [Marshall, Texas, United States] IATA Airport Code
ASL above sea level aerospace
ASL Atom Specification Language Chemistry abbreviations
ASL American Sign Language Educational abbreviations
ASL Average Sentence Length Educational abbreviations
ASL Advance Squad Leader Military abbreviations
ASL Allowable Supply List Military abbreviations
ASL Archipelagic Sea Lane Military abbreviations
ASL Assign Switch Locator routing Military abbreviations
ASL Assigned Stockage List Military abbreviations
ASL Atmospheric Sciences Laboratory Military abbreviations
ASL Authorized Stockage Level Military abbreviations
ASL Authorized Stockage List Military abbreviations
ASL Anti-Saloon League Non-Profit Organizations
ASL Association for Symbolic Logic Non-Profit Organizations
ASL ACPI Source Language software abbreviations and acronyms
ASL Advanced System of Languages software abbreviations and acronyms
ASL Apache Software License software abbreviations and acronyms
ASL Application Services Library software abbreviations and acronyms
ASL Academic Sports League sports abbreviations
ASL Air Soft League sports abbreviations
ASL American Soccer League sports abbreviations
ASL Autobacs Sportscar Laboratory sports abbreviations
ASL Average Shot Length sports abbreviations
ASL Applied Sciences Laboratory University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to asl

  • AACIL - Ann Arbor Center for Independent Living
  • AACL - Alberta Association for Community Living
  • AASL - Arkansas Association Of School Librarians
  • AASLH - American Association for State and Local History
  • ACALA - Armament and Chemical Acquisition and Logistics Activity
  • ACCEL - Adult College Curriculum For Education And Leadership
  • ACIL - Access Center for Independent Living
  • ACL - Access Control List
  • ACLU - American Civil Liberties Union
  • ACSL - American Computer Science League
  • AESL - Aakash Educational Services Ltd
  • AGEL - Alliance Of Graduate Employee Locals
  • AGIL - Airborne General Illumination Light
  • AGL - above ground level
  • AGLA - Armenian Gay and Lesbian Association
  • AISL - American International School Of Libreville
  • AJL - Aizawl Airport
  • AKL - Auckland Airport
  • AOQL - Average Outgoing Quality Level
  • AQL - Acceptable Quality Limits