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ASR: Meaning Category
ASR Airport surveillance radar avionics
ASR Alkali-silica reaction||Anti Slip Regulation Acronym
ASR Erkilet International Airport [Kayseri Province, Turkey] IATA Airport Code
ASR Asynchronous Signal Routine computing
ASR Alkali-Silica Reaction Chemistry abbreviations
ASR Analyte Specific Reagent Chemistry abbreviations
ASR Atomic Sequential Reduction Chemistry abbreviations
ASR Analog Shift Register Electronics abbreviations
ASR Automated Send Receive Electronics abbreviations
ASR Apple Software Restore computing abbreviations and acronyms
ASR Automated System Recovery computing abbreviations and acronyms
ASR American Sociological Review media abbreviations and acronyms
ASR Air Support Request Military abbreviations
ASR Airborne Sump Retriever Military abbreviations
ASR Airport Surveillance Radar Military abbreviations
ASR Alternate Supply Route Military abbreviations
ASR Antenna Structure Registration Military abbreviations
ASR Automatic Send-Receive Military abbreviations
ASR Automatic Speech Recognition Military abbreviations
ASR Available Supply Rate Military abbreviations
ASR Australian Society of Rheology Non-Profit Organizations
ASR Automatic System Recovery software abbreviations and acronyms
ASR Additional Score Report sports abbreviations
ASR Academic Source Release University abbreviations
ASR Association of Student Representatives University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to asr

  • ACR - Adjusted community rating
  • ACRI - African Crisis Initiative
  • AESR - Aeronautical Equipment Service Record
  • AZUR - Actions en zone urbaine (French, Urban Operations)
  • AGRU - acid gas removal unit
  • AGR - Agra Airport/Agra Air Force Station
  • AJR - Arvidsjaur Airport
  • AKR - Akure Airport
  • AXR - Arutua Airport
  • AZR - Touat Cheikh Sidi Mohamed Belkebir Airport
  • AQCR - Air Quality Control Region (US) (environment)