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ATA Advanced Technology Attachment (IBM Personal Computer)||Afghan Transitional Authority||Allen Telescope Array|| Antarctica (ISO 3166 trigram) Acronym
ATA Comandante FAP German Arias Grazziani Airport [Huaraz, Peru] IATA Airport Code
ATA (telescope) Allen Telescope Array, a radio interferometer array developed by the SETI Institute to search for possible signals from extraterrestrial life astronomy
ATA Air Traffic Association aerospace
ATA Advanced Technology Attachment computing
ATA Advanced Technology Architecture computing abbreviations and acronyms
ATA Albanian Telegraphic Agency media abbreviations and acronyms
ATA Also Translated As media abbreviations and acronyms
ATA Airlift Tanker Association Military abbreviations
ATA Anti-Tank Assault Military abbreviations
ATA Army Technical Architecture Military abbreviations
ATA American Thyroid Association Non-Profit Organizations
ATA American Tinnitus Association Non-Profit Organizations
ATA American Transcription Association Non-Profit Organizations
ATA Assistive Technologies of Alaska Non-Profit Organizations
ATA American Taekwondo Association sports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to ata

  • 101AD - 101st Airborne Division
  • 11AD - 11th Airborne Division
  • 13AD - 13th Airborne Division
  • 17AD - 17th Airborne Division
  • 2AD - 2nd Armored Division
  • 82AD - 82nd Airborne Division
  • 82ADA - 82nd Airborne Division Association
  • 82ADAI - 82nd Airborne Division Association, Inc.
  • A2ATD - Anti-Armor Advanced Technology Demonstrator
  • A99ID - Associates of the 99th Infantry Division
  • AAAD - An Army At Dawn
  • AAAT - Armand Arabian Advocacy Tournament
  • AAD - Armoured amphibious dozer
  • AADA - Advocates Against Domestic Abuse
  • AADD - Adult attention deficit disorder
  • AADE - American Association of Drilling Engineers
  • AADI - American Aerospace & Defense Industries
  • AADT - annual average daily traffic
  • AAED - Advanced Airborne Expendable Decoy
  • AAT - Australian Antarctic Territory