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atc: Meaning Category
atc anti-platelet Trialists' Collaboration Non-Profit Organizations
ATC: Meaning Category
ATC Air traffic control avionics
ATC Air Traffic Control||Air Training Corps||U.S. Air Transport Command (1942–1948)- Athletic Trainer, Certified ( Acronym
ATC Arthur's Town Airport [Arthur's Town, Cat Island, Bahamas] IATA Airport Code
ATC air traffic control aerospace
ATC Available transfer capability energy
ATC All-terrain cycle sports
ATC Active Thermal Convection Chemistry abbreviations
ATC Alcohol Type Concentrate Chemistry abbreviations
ATC Automatic Temperature Compensation Chemistry abbreviations
ATC Another Traveling Circus Community abbreviations
ATC Adult Training Centre Educational abbreviations
ATC Ampere Time Counter Electronics abbreviations
ATC Abstract Test Case computing abbreviations and acronyms
ATC Advanced Transfer Cache computing abbreviations and acronyms
ATC American TV and Communications media abbreviations and acronyms
ATC Aberdeen Test Center Military abbreviations
ATC Active Training Cell Military abbreviations
ATC Advanced Training Cadet Military abbreviations
ATC Air Threat Conference Military abbreviations
ATC Air Traffic Control Military abbreviations
ATC Air Training Command Military abbreviations
ATC Air Training Corps Military abbreviations
ATC Air Transport Command Military abbreviations
ATC Air Transportable Clinic Military abbreviations
ATC Army Tactical Center Military abbreviations
ATC Army Training Center Military abbreviations
ATC Attack The Cripple Military abbreviations
ATC Automatic Target Cueing Military abbreviations
ATC Appalachian Trail Conference Non-Profit Organizations
ATC Appalachian Trail Conservancy Non-Profit Organizations
ATC Ahead of Time Compilation software abbreviations and acronyms
ATC Allbase Turbo Connect software abbreviations and acronyms
ATC Author The Computer software abbreviations and acronyms
ATC Achilles Track Club sports abbreviations
ATC Against The Clock sports abbreviations
ATC Archery Training Class sports abbreviations
ATC Athletic Training and Conditioning sports abbreviations
ATC Advanced Technical Credit University abbreviations
ATC Advanced Technology Center University abbreviations
ATC Agricultural Technology Center University abbreviations
ATC Agricultural Telematics Centre University abbreviations
ATC Albany Technical College, Albany, Georgia University abbreviations
ATC Athletic Trainer Certified University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to atc

  • ADC - Air data computer
  • ADS - Either; Automatic Dependent Surveillance or air data system
  • ADS-A - Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Address
  • AIDS - Aircraft Integrated Data System
  • ATCSS - Air traffic control signalling system
  • ATIS - Automated Terminal Information Service
  • ATSU - Air Traffic Services Unit
  • ADC-A - Assistant Division Commander
  • ATACS - Advanced tank cannon system (US)
  • ATAS - Automatic target acquisition system
  • ATG - Anti-tank gun
  • ATGW - Anti-tank guided weapon
  • ATK - Alliant Techsystems
  • ATS - Atelier de Construction de Tarbes
  • ATTC - All Terrain Tracked Carrier
  • ATTS - Air Transportable Towed System
  • AADS - Alaskan Air Defense Sector