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ATM Anti-tank mine military
ATM Automated Teller Machine||Asynchronous Transfer Mode||At The Moment Acronym
ATM Altamira Airport [Altamira, Pará, Brazil] IATA Airport Code
ATM (person) hobbyist engaged in Amateur telescope making (may also refer to the book of the same title, Amateur Telescope Making) astronomy
ATM air traffic management aerospace
ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode computing
ATM Atmosphere Chemistry abbreviations
ATM Access To Tree Of Money Community abbreviations
ATM Another Teachable Moment Educational abbreviations
ATM Asychronous Transfer Mode Electronics abbreviations
ATM Automated Timing Mechanism Electronics abbreviations
ATM Automatic Timing Mechanism Electronics abbreviations
ATM Adobe Type Manager computing abbreviations and acronyms
ATM Aschronous Transfer Mode computing abbreviations and acronyms
ATM Automated Transactional Management computing abbreviations and acronyms
ATM Aakash Times Magazine media abbreviations and acronyms
ATM Advanced Trauma Management Military abbreviations
ATM Air Target Material Military abbreviations
ATM Air Traffic Management Military abbreviations
ATM Anti-Tactical Missile Military abbreviations
ATM Anti-Tank Missile Military abbreviations
ATM Army Ten-Miler Military abbreviations
ATM Assign Traffic Metering Military abbreviations
ATM Automated Telephone Manager software abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations similar to atm

  • ADM - Air data module
  • ADAM - Area Denial Artillery Munition
  • ATN - Dronning Maud Land (ISO 3166 trigram; merged with AQ in 1983)
  • ADEM - Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis
  • ADN - Andes Airport
  • Authen. - Authentica ("Authentic" e.g. letters)
  • AT NO - Atomic Number
  • ATOM - Ancient Teachings Of The Masters
  • ADNA - Atlanta Downtown Neighborhood Association
  • ATDN - Adult Training and Development Network