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ATP: MeaningCategory
ATPAdenosine TriPhosphate||Allied Tactical Publication||Ammunition Transfer PointAcronym
ATPAitape Airstrip[Aitape, Papua New Guinea]IATA Airport Code
ATPAssociation of Tennis Professionalssports
ATPAdenosine Tri-PhosphateChemistry abbreviations
ATPAll Trace ParticlesChemistry abbreviations
ATPAmbient Temperature PressureChemistry abbreviations
ATPAction Team for PartnershipCommunity abbreviations
ATPAdult Treatment PanelCommunity abbreviations
ATPAlcohol Treatment ProgramCommunity abbreviations
ATPApproved Training ProviderEducational abbreviations
ATPAutotransformer Thermal ProtectionElectronics abbreviations
ATPAll Tests Passedcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
ATPAcceptance Test PlanMilitary abbreviations
ATPAcquisition Tracking and PointingMilitary abbreviations
ATPAdvance Targeting PodMilitary abbreviations
ATPAllied Tactical PublicationMilitary abbreviations
ATPAmmunition Transfer PointMilitary abbreviations
ATPArmenia Tree ProjectNon-Profit Organizations
ATPAmerican Tennis Promotionsports abbreviations
ATPAnonymous Tennis Playerssports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to atp

  • ADF- Automatic direction finder
  • ATV- All-terrain vehicle
  • ADP- Airman Development Plan
  • ADPE- Automated Data Processing Equipment
  • AATUF- All-African Trade Union Federation
  • ADB- African Development Bank
  • ADAP- AIDS Drug Assistance Program
  • ADTB- Army Doctrine and Training Bulletin
  • adv.- adversus (Latin, "against")
  • ATAPI- Advanced Technology Attachment Packet Interface
  • ATB- Active Time Battle|| British Antarctic Territory (ISO 3166 trigram; merged with AQ in 1979)
  • ATF- French Southern Territories (ISO 3166 trigram)|| (U.S.) Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (from its previous name, which did not include "Explosives")
  • ADEP- Awaiting Development with Exploration Potential, referring to an asset