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ATRACAdaptive TRansform Acoustic Codingsoftware abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations similar to atrac

  • ADAHRS- Air Data And Attitude Heading Reference System
  • ADIRS- Air Data Inertial Reference System
  • ADRG- Arc-second Raster Chart (ARC) Digitized Raster Graphics
  • ADROC- advanced rock properties report
  • ADARS- Adaptive Antenna Receive System
  • ADORS- Army Dental Officer Retention Survey
  • ATARS- Advanced Tactical Airborne Reconnaissance System
  • ATIRCM- Advanced Threat Infra-Red Countermeasures System
  • ATIRS- Automated Test Incident Recording System
  • ATRRS- Army Training Requirements and Resource System
  • AUTOROS- Automated Retail Outlet System
  • ATRS- Air Transport Research Society