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ATS Atelier de Construction de Tarbes military
ATS Artesia Municipal Airport [Artesia, New Mexico, United States] IATA Airport Code
ATS air traffic service aerospace
ATS Alternative To Smoking Community abbreviations
ATS Alternate Training Solutions Educational abbreviations
ATS Absolute Time Sequence Electronics abbreviations
ATS Automatic Transfer Switch Electronics abbreviations
ATS Across The Scope Military abbreviations
ATS Advanced Tracking Sensor Military abbreviations
ATS Air Traffic Service Military abbreviations
ATS Air Traffic Services Military abbreviations
ATS Airborne Tactical SIGINT Military abbreviations
ATS Annual Training Site Military abbreviations
ATS Anti-Terrorist Squad Military abbreviations
ATS Assign Terminal Service Military abbreviations
ATS Apple Type Services software abbreviations and acronyms
ATS Against The Spread sports abbreviations
ATS American Teaching System University abbreviations
ATS Applicant Tracking System University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to ats

  • ADC - Air data computer
  • ADS - Either; Automatic Dependent Surveillance or air data system
  • ADS-A - Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Address
  • AIDS - Aircraft Integrated Data System
  • ATC - Air traffic control
  • ATCSS - Air traffic control signalling system
  • ATIS - Automated Terminal Information Service
  • ATSU - Air Traffic Services Unit
  • ADC-A - Assistant Division Commander
  • ATACS - Advanced tank cannon system (US)
  • ATAS - Automatic target acquisition system
  • ATG - Anti-tank gun
  • ATGW - Anti-tank guided weapon
  • ATK - Alliant Techsystems
  • ATTC - All Terrain Tracked Carrier
  • ATTS - Air Transportable Towed System
  • AADS - Alaskan Air Defense Sector